1. V

    LF: Pannier rack for bike with rear hub motor

    Recent e-bike purchaser looking for your recs for a rear rack. My new bike is a road/gravel drop-bar style bike outfitted with 34mm 29ers, so the tires are not fat by any means, but with the motor hub, the braze-ons near the rear axle are about 220mm apart. I'm noticing that many racks online...
  2. l3n

    Kope On the way!

    Just ordered a Kope with two batteries, my first eBike. Really pumped up for it to arrive. I live in Philly and will be using it mostly for commuting, but will look to do some longer leisure rides. While I sit here and wait for delivery in late Nov, I am already thinking about ways to trick...
  3. T

    Allant 8/9.9 Pannier

    What panniers are you running on your Allant rear combo fender/rack (I think they're the same on the 8 and the 9.9)? I've got an old Arkel bag that I love, but the elastic cord that holds the J-hook is too long and it doesn't clip into the rack tautly.
  4. BEC111

    Panniers suggestions for Turbo Vado SL EQ

    I have to wait for Topeak to restock the Racktime adapter in July, so I’m shopping for panniers that would work for grocerie. Pan don’t need the Topeak quick release, after all. Any suggestions?
  5. Barkme Wolf

    Roswheel Trunk Bag Video Review

  6. Anthony G

    Rack Bag or Trunk Suggestions?

    Hello fellow Rad riders, I bought a RadCity last December and have been loving it - but I can't seem to find a good bag for the rear rack nor a good set of panniers. I searched a bit and found someone had recommended this one: (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) Has anyone else purchased a...
  7. J

    Pannier bags for e3 Dash?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the community, but I've been in lurker mode for a while. I'm a pretty recent owner of an iZip e3 Dash. I'm loving it! For Christmas, I was happy that I got some Ortlieb pannier bags. But unfortunately they do not fit the Dash's city kit rack :( I'm so bummed. So...