1. David Berry

    2019 : Our Rides in Words, Photos & Maps

    It’s 2019! The odometer has been reset to zero and it's time to open the gate to a new year of ebike adventures. This is where I’m headed on my first Southeast Queensland ride of 2019 and I’ll share the adventure, in photos and words, when I’m back. I hope you’ll add your own adventures during...
  2. E

    On a Blix Monthly Photo Competition

    We love seeing where your Blix takes you. When Blix riders tag us in their photos using the #OnABlix they are automatically entered for a chance to win the monthly prize in the month they posted! We received a lot of great photos and it was hard to choose a winner. Congrats to @owenbiddle — our...
  3. jazz

    Show us pictures of where you ride your ebikes!

    This is around in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State
  4. kermit_xc

    2015/2016 Turbo - 300 miles / 2 weeks impressions ... and photos

    thought I'll share some thoughts after using the Turbo as a dedicated commuter to and from work my commute: distance: 21.5miles elevation gain: 348ft going in / 751ft coming back time: 1h (+/- 7 min) rider: 6'4" 245lbs I use turbo mode explicitly with occasional regen on rolling hills to save...