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  1. JackA

    PIM Battery Reviews and Comments

    This thread is intended for reviews and comments about Power In Motion battery packs, charging and use.
  2. D

    Is Brose less powerful or more "natural"? And should I buy it?

    Hi all. About to become an ebike owner for the first time and need some honest, informed advice. I'm getting the bike mainly for commuting and perhaps for a calm weekend trail ride with the kids. My wife will also use the bike from time to time. I'm a pretty experienced road and CX rider and...
  3. JackA

    Time to Buy and Ride

    Now is a great time to get a PIM e-Bike for Christmas.....
  4. JackA

    Invitation to Register

    The ability to let PIM know you have one of their e-Bikes is now available at http://www.pimbicycles.com/ Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the “Warranty Registration” button; you can register your bike and your batteries. Why would you do this? I can think of two reasons. First...
  5. JackA

    Solar charging a PIM e-Bike

    The built in 12 VDC to 44 VDC converter is the key to solar charging your PIM e-Bike. Why charge with 12 VDC? Well how about camping in remote areas, or while driving to the ride. The picture attached is a Goal Zero Yeti Lithium storage system connected to a Boulder 100 solar array. The day I...
  6. JackA

    PIM New Sales Method

    The company behind the Polaris e-Bike brand is continuing on in with its own brand; Power In Motion or PIM. The line of e-bikes is nearly the same with improvements in battery, BMS and motor control. Another significant difference is in the sales model. PIM is now using a customer direct...