power loss

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    Juiced Hyperfat 1100 - Peanut Butter Gears in Mac Motor, or Something Else? ( Periodic Acceleration Loss, Halting Acceleration )

    Hi all, I bought a Juiced Hyperfat 1100 used about six months ago. My goal was to use it to replace (or almost replace) my car, since I live 1/4 mile from my office, and never travel more than 5 miles to stores, etc.. I got this rather than a more traditional 250w bike because I live in an area...
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    Intermittent fault (wrench symbol)/motor power loss - 2018 Shred 10.4 Ah battery

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but have been a lurker since May last year when I was researching which E-bike I wanted to purchase. I landed on a 2018 Surface604 Shred (10.4 Ah battery) and have been using it as a daily commuter for the last year with almost no problems (3500 km now on the bike)...