1. Biking on Bainbridge

    Fenders, Racks, Locks, oh my!

    What have you installed on your Propella bikes? Any fenders, cargo racks, lights, water bottle holders, locking systems, dog trailer, cat baskets, wings, skiis, disco ball..... I'm particularly interested in simple elements that blend in well with the original design. But I'm also curious about...
  2. Biking on Bainbridge

    Propella Owners: Feedback Please!

    I'm very intrigued with this bike considering the price point and what appears to be a straight-forward no fuss system. I think this one is really unique in keeping the ebike parts accessible and easily replaced, and without just slapping an elongated black box on any random bike frame...
  3. Blork

    Propella Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Mods, etc.

    I realized the Propella forum has only one thread, and it's dedicated to problems and issues. So this thread is dedicated to tips, tricks, hacks, mods, etc.
  4. BenTarassoli

    Lightweight AND affordable eBikes

    I believe weight is a big issue when it comes to electric bikes. There are a few under 40 lbs eBikes in the industry, however they are very expensive! At Propella we are excited to release our new eBike model that weighs under 35 lbs (15.8 kg) using Panasonic High-Density Li-ion cells, with...