1. B

    Super Noob Incoming - E-bikes and Batteries

    Hi All, This is my first ever post on here and as of Monday next week, I'll own my first ever e-bike! Here is the bike I'm getting...
  2. D

    EBR reviews barely mention reliability/repairability

    Court, I suppose your reviews offer clues for assessing reliability, but for those of us new to e-bikes and not deeply knowledgeable about bikes in general, its very difficult to judge probable reliability. I’m surprised at my inability to find an online “E-Bike Buyers Guide” that even mentions...
  3. Zoumios

    New to Ebikes and Looking for Prospects

    Absolutely new to Ebikes, and this website, and with that comes outstanding ignorance. I'm looking for an Ebike that can make it up hills with a bit of ease (so mid-drive?), that doesn't have too many wires and cables, uses a hydraulic brake system, has a rear and/or front racks, doesn't make...