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    Newbie to EBikes - Bought a Giant Quick-E + 2018 from Canada

    Hi There, Newbie to EBikes - Bought a Giant Quick-E + 2018 from Canada. Importing bike from Canada to South Africa Cape Town, should get my Giant EBike in the next 2 weeks, can't wait. Reason for buying bike: to commute to work, only 40km return distance. There are no showers at the office...
  2. G

    Giant Quick-E + can you use it in the rain

    Hi there. Giant Quick-E + can you use it in the rain. Wondering if the rain would do any damage to the motor or electronics and if this would void the Giant 2 year warranty? Thanks, Gary Cape Town South Africa.
  3. E

    Giant quick e+ 2019

    Hey guys, I will be buying a giant quick e+ 2019 in London and will be unrestricted with speedbox2. I’m just wonder if there is a way to reset data from the motor in case giant has to check it ?
  4. Gator

    I got my Quick E +

    Hello Friends Just wanted to report that my bike came in and it has met most of my expectations. The charcoal paint with black lettering and strips is pretty sharp. I have rode it a total of 12.4 miles. (I would ride more but it started to rain pretty hard.) The bike shop charged the...
  5. P

    RideControl Evo- connectivity and use!

    I've just bought a Quick-E and really pleased with it so far. My inquisitive nature has drawn me to the RideControl computer and it seems to boast bluetooth functionality. My retailer also told me that it could support a second screen and it shipped with a micros USB cable to connect it. Has...
  6. Over50


    This is on Giant's USA site - anyone know if they are available or is it a 2017 not released yet? https://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bikes/series/quick.e/26010/