1. phoenixtoohot

    Rad City and Rad Mini ... Harsh ride

    My wife and I want to buy the RadCity and RadCity step thru, so we test drove them recently at a rental location in CO. Loved everything about them except the ride was very harsh on both. Yes, I know about suspension seatposts, but we own 8 bicycles, or all types, and never experienced such a...
  2. J

    Dog/child pull behind carrier recommendations...frame mounted

    We have a 19" RadCity and RadCity Step-Thru. My wife would like to be able to bring our dogs (each about 60-65 pounds) on some of our rides, which would be on paved trails/roads. Are there any recommended carrriers that have this weight capacity, and are mounted directly to the frame (rather...
  3. K

    Help me pick between RadCity 2018 and RadRover 2018

    Hi I am new. I want to get my first Ebike after tax season. I plan to use it on the multi-use trails. Most of these trails are a good 16 miles one way so about 32 miles overall some having a few hills here and there. I will do some city riding as well. Was wondering which 2018 version would best...
  4. James Stephens

    Radcity Handlebars Diameter

    Hi all, Im new here and plan on purchasing a Rad City for the cyber Monday sale tomorrow. I am order accessories for it on amazon. I am trying to find out the stock handlebars diameter so I can order the correct tube mounted (the type that mounts inside the tube) rear view mirror. T.I.A.
  5. L

    RadCity First 100 Miles

    Disclaimer: This is my first ever Ebike, so my expectations may be unreliable. If so, feel free to tell me off so I can make better purchase decisions in future. After spending weeks researching on BBSHD conversions, I got lazy and picked this bike because it looked cool, EBR seemd to like it...
  6. Redeemed

    Thought I'd go faster up a hill

    I've had the RadCity for a week now and all riding has been on level ground...love it. I have a hill next to me that is a mile long at a 10% incline I've wanted to try and today was the day. I was hoping to zip up the hill at 20 MPH, but that didn't happen. More like 10 MPH in 2nd gear @ 3...
  7. H

    Prospective E-Biker, Washington DC Metro

    greetings. my commute went from a fairly even 7 miles to an up and and down (489/299ft per google maps) 12.5 miles. It's just too much and therefore Im considering an e-bike. budget is about $2K which I know is a "low" budget for an e-bike. top considerations are the RadCity (free shipping...