1. C

    RadMini Step Thru for 5'2"

    Do any of you have good or bad experiences to relate regarding the RadMini Step-Thru for a shorter person? I'm looking for a bike for my wife who is ~5'2" with 28.5" inseam. I'm a little worried about the height of the handlebars and distance from the right hand grip to the gear shift lever...
  2. KevinR

    Accessories for Radrover

    Hi guys, I, recently, got my radrover. so i wanna buy fenders for my bike or any other accessories, do i need to buy these things at Rad Power Bike site? or can i just buy those from amazon then use it? i just wanna know if i have to buy specific kinda accessory for the bike cause things from...
  3. P

    Cruiser handlebars on Radwagon

    My wife has a problem in her wrists and needs a more relaxed riding position than the stock Radwagon bars allow. I'm thinking cruiser bars or something like them. I have a butterfly bar kicking around but I can't get all the devices mounted due to space and ergonomic constraints. There are...