2020 G20-CARGO: The cargo bike with Dapu mid drive

    It is the upgrade cargo bike version of the MAX-cargo, the mid drive version is for some of dealer’s strong request. Hers is the spec: https://eunorau-ebike.com/collections/frontpage/products/eunorau-2448v500w-mid-motor-electric-long-trail-cargo-bike-for-family-wagon-or-ubereats-delivery-using
  2. tolivercrash

    Radmini or Veego Fat Tire

    So glad I found this site. I have gathered a lot of helpful information in my search for my first electric bike from the forum and the detailed reviews. And now it’s time to ask the community for some opinions. How I’m going to use it: commuting to work, 10 miles one way, Jacksonville, Florida...
  3. J0nG0m

    EU RadRhino 2018 + Upgrades

    So after long time of reading about ebikes decided that I just had to buy one and get things rolling... The interesting part was that I wanted a cargo bike, and 'the one' that had everything that I wanted was the 2018 R&M Multicharger, here in Finland that means close to 5000€, yes you could say...
  4. Louky

    Battery problems anyone?

    We just got my wife a Rad Step-Thru. On a full charged battery, she rode about three miles to the pool and locked it up. She came back about two hours later and it wouldn't turn on, so she rode home under her own power. I plugged the battery back in and it charged up within a half hour. I...
  5. Barkme Wolf

    Trekking / Butterfly Handlebars

    Yesterday I got trekking handle bars and accoutrements. Set up went OK but when I tried to ride it, my front shifter didn't work properly. Apparently the cable got twisted- easy fix. For some reason it rides faster, much faster. There is a hill I coast down every day and hit about 24-26mph, this...
  6. Byung

    Group Order suggestion for RAD Power Bikes to save money

    I'm planning to buy a RADMINI ebike in Los Angeles. If anybody wants to join the group order in order to save some money (discount, shipping charge), then please let me know. I think Thanksgiving and Black Friday are the ideal time for the best deal, but we can order earlier depending on the...