1. cheese31

    Brakes for RadRover Step-Thru

    I need new brakes for my RadRover Step-Thru. My budget is $500.00. I want more stopping power I want levers that sense when I'm pulling the brakes to cut-off electrical power to the motor I want low maintenance I ride with lots of weight. I live in a super hilly/mountainous area. The stock...
  2. W

    Selling Used Radrover battery 2016-2017

    I am selling Used Ebike Battery 48v 11.6ah 2016/2017 RadRover RadWagon and RadCity. Condition is Used. Only 850 miles on this battery, it includes the key and the mounting rail. This would be good to use as a second battery. I am selling thru ebay. (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) I am...
  3. Marq_7

    2019 Radrover Battery and no bike

    Hello guys! Im Marques from Michigan. I feel as if Ebikes are definitely changing the way of the streets! I loved my Ebike which was a 2019 Radrover. Unfortunately It was stolen a few days ago and now i just have the battery and charger. If there is anyone who is looking and needs a new...
  4. W

    New buyer, little to no knowledge

    Ive tried researching them the last few days but there's too much out there and its honestly made it a bit more confusing than when I started looking. I apologize for the lack of specifics I am providing, but I am not too picky. Just want to make sure I get the best value. I would like to get...
  5. C

    Two RadMinis in SUV or on a Rack

    Hi EBR Rad Power Folks! We've cleaned out the garage to make space for two Rad Power bikes and are now wondering whether to get a pair of RadMinis (Step-Thru and normal) in hopes we could get them both into our KIA Sorento with the seats down, or get the RadMini Step-Thru and a RadRover...
  6. J0nG0m

    EU RadRhino 2018 + Upgrades

    So after long time of reading about ebikes decided that I just had to buy one and get things rolling... The interesting part was that I wanted a cargo bike, and 'the one' that had everything that I wanted was the 2018 R&M Multicharger, here in Finland that means close to 5000€, yes you could say...
  7. mbritt

    Radrover Unexpected Bonus

    I knew my brand new Radrover would be fun to ride and that the electric pedal assist would help on hills and in traffic but the unexpected benefit is being seen by drivers. The look of the fat tire bike is so unusual people were checking it out and waving. Helps with visibility on urban streets.
  8. fj2u

    2018 RadRover Full Fenders?

    Greetings all! Has anyone found a decent set of 3rd party *full* fenders that fit the 2018 RadRover? I'd like to buy a set from Rad Power Bikes, but they do not currently have a product available. I understand they are only in the prototype stage of a new set of fenders, but it could take...
  9. K

    Help me pick between RadCity 2018 and RadRover 2018

    Hi I am new. I want to get my first Ebike after tax season. I plan to use it on the multi-use trails. Most of these trails are a good 16 miles one way so about 32 miles overall some having a few hills here and there. I will do some city riding as well. Was wondering which 2018 version would best...
  10. Hap

    Why not buy a RadRover ? Upright position is vital.

    I am selling my gravity fat tire bike today and am looking into getting very soon a Fat E-Bike. I am old (62) and short 5'8. I live in the outback of Michigan and have zero bike shops around here. So I am doing my deciding with online help and advice from the people who know about E-bikes. I...
  11. Cole

    Radrover VS Volt Yukon 750

    I have been researching affordable e-bikes (specifically mountain bikes) lately and have a very low budget of under $1600. I have narrowed down my search to the Radrover and the Volt Yukon 750. I’ve heard that Radrovers have more upgrade options and come with some better components stock. But I...
  12. G

    PLEASE Help Troubleshoot Electrical Issue with Brand New RadRover

    Hi, everyone- I just purchased my first e-bike a few weeks ago, a RadRover. I thought I was doing the smart thing, having it delivered straight to my LBS for assembly and a hydraulic brake upgrade before I even tried it out, but that hasn't worked out so well for me. This LBS is very good with...
  13. Barkme Wolf

    My Odometer Reset On It's Own?

    I just passed 6000 miles on the Radwagon (maybe 6200 or so) but today it says 4 miles. What gives?
  14. dapope_22

    Radrover Rear Rack

    Does anyone have an Ibera pakrak ? I was thinking of getting this for my RadRover. Is a little less expensive than the Topeak system. Both the rack and the quick release commuter trunk can be had for about $80. I'm not doing any serious trekking, just want something to keep my locks and cables...
  15. dapope_22

    Hello, from Saint Louis

    Court, I've been researching e-bikes for the last few months and EBR has been an invaluable asset. I'm very close to making a decision. The 3 bikes I am interested in are the RadRover, the Voltbike Yukon 750, and the Juiced Hyper Fat 750 when it is released. I've watched a ton of your youtube...
  16. dapope_22

    Rad Rover Vs VoltBike Yukon 750?

    Rad Rover Vs VoltBike Yukon 750? I've narrowed it down to these 2 bikes and possibly the Juiced Hyper Fat if I see it become available in the 750 Watt version again. Does anyone have any opinions? They seem very similar.
  17. F

    Anyone know of any Rad Power Discount codes?

    I recently bought a Used RadRover from a co Worker. I LOVE this Thing!!!. I'm going to buy myself a new one, and give this one to my Son. I found an expired coupon code, but I noticed a few older posts where people mention they used a coupon code for their purchase. Anyone know of any codes...
  18. BVC

    RadRover details - Video requests!

    Hey everyone - I'm on vacation for the next two weeks and looking for some fun projects to work on. I own a RadRover and Kuat NV 2.0 hitch rack that I'd like to do some follow ups on and bring content that is either non-existant or limited elsewhere on the web. If anyone has any requests that...
  19. dm nelson

    Pictures of an E-Bike Adventure

    With our new e-bike issues resolved, my partner & I are greatly enjoying peddling further, faster and higher than we ever would without peddle assist. Thought I'd share a few pictures from the weekend. With charged batteries we peddle assisted from home to get up, up the 2500 hills to see the...
  20. goose2die4

    Charging with a inverter ?

    I like to go camping and want to use my bike more than one charge. Anyone know how big of a inverter (DC to AC) I would need to charge my Rad Rover ? Thanks Keith