1. W

    Taking battery off for travel

    What is the experience of taking the battery off and traveling with bike on rear mounted rack. What is done to prevent rain from getting in battery compartment and doing damage to electric contacts? Thank you
  2. KidWok

    Mud flaps

    Got my ST1 LE 19 months ago and have put on 6k miles so far. Last year was the wettest year on record in Seattle for quite some time. It was pretty obvious that the fenders wouldn't be long enough so I added mud flaps, as I have many times before on road and commuter bikes. I quickly...
  3. V

    Rain/Winter Head Protection, Insulation and Ease. Any solution to this absurd mess of a puzzle?

    Hi, I want to ask you lot about what how you protect your beautiful face and head in bad weather, aka in rain, very windy, cold and snowy weather. I live in east coast, US. It is cold now and there will eventually be snow. From what I gather bike riders have very little in the form of...
  4. Barkme Wolf

    New Rain Gear (Update Video)

    Made a video about my new rain gear.
  5. M

    Reliability, function, safety in wet rainy weather

    Got a question for you extremists: How well does this BBSHD product perform in wet weather i.e. Heavy rain? I'm talking about the electrical parts like buttons, throttle control, LCD, switches, connections etc. I understand that it has an IP42 rating on the motor. But will the switches short out...
  6. 206bionx

    Fat Tire Fenders anyone ??

    Very interested in some of the fat tire ebikes out there for commuting , particularly the Sumo since its on sale . The shop here in Seattle say they could outfit it with some small post mount and velcro ones . I've used these on my current bike but they dont do much here in rainy town . Any...
  7. V

    Innovative rain trousers coming to kickstarter

    Hi guys, Have a look at the cool rain trousers we developed: Coming straight from the place where bad weather was born, this danish designed product is here to set the new standard for rain trousers. With 10+ features and made of sustainable materials, these trousers are made to withstand the...