1. David Berry

    2019 : Our Rides in Words, Photos & Maps

    It’s 2019! The odometer has been reset to zero and it's time to open the gate to a new year of ebike adventures. This is where I’m headed on my first Southeast Queensland ride of 2019 and I’ll share the adventure, in photos and words, when I’m back. I hope you’ll add your own adventures during...
  2. Lucus J


    HEY EVERYONE!! I believe it's obvious many of you a thrill seekers because you are on a bike forum!! I am myself and i like to try different things and electric boards are the jam. I'm super excited about this new electric board i've discovered. It's time to evolve in the way we board and...
  3. Denis Shelston

    Some pics of my Téo. Went for a 70 km ride today. A blast! Soooo happy with my purchase. Love it.

    You will also see the accessories I've installed. A new bell, an air pump, my under seat alarm, headlamp, mirror, tailbag with built-in pannier style bags, Blitzu flashing rear lamp, GoPro knockoff and its mount, cell phone mount, Flectr spoke wheel reflectors, bar extension... The round thingy...