ridge rider

  1. RCG

    I made the plunge.....my first electric bike!

    I'm 65 years young and wanted to extend my riding radius around my home. I have always enjoyed riding bikes, but I'm not in the kind of shape where I can ride 25 miles a day without a little help. this is where the electric bike comes in. After test driving a number of bikes and reading Court's...
  2. S

    Ridge Rider Comparison

    I'm testing out a Pedego ridge rider and I'm loving everything about it except for the battery life is only okay for what I need. I've been looking at the Evo Cross and Evo 27.5 as bikes that keep good torque as well as cushion for bumpy rides but can also provide enough battery for 30+ mile...
  3. Greg Wilson

    Ridge Rider Cyclist Facebook page

    I recently purchased a Pedego Ridge rider and have been struggling to find other owners online (not surprising since it's a very new bike for Pedego), so I started a public group on Facebook to share tips, accessory recommendations, and other information that is of value to Ridge Rider owners...
  4. J.R.

    Pedego breaks new ground with its Ridge Rider

    Irvine-based e-bike company Pedego breaks new ground with its Ridge Rider http://www.ocregister.com/articles/rider-690764-electric-ridge.html (Link Removed - No Longer Exists)