riese and muller

  1. David Berry

    Gates Carbon Drive : User Experiences

    Today my R&M Homage's Gates Carbon Drive failed without warning – none that I was aware of, anyway. As far as I could tell, one moment the belt was perfect, the next utterly useless. Many of the 'teeth' were missing and the blue nylon 'facing cloth' was shredded. The belt had come off both...
  2. Chris Nolte

    How a Riese & Müller eBike is Built

    We put together a little video showing how a Riese & Müller bike is built. We hope you enjoy!
  3. Chris Nolte

    What Drives Riese & Müller?

    Ever since I have first seen a Riese & Müller bike I was intrigued by their revolutionary designs and after I started working with them I learned about how these radical ideas came about. This video try's to explain Riese & Müller's Why and takes a deeper look into what drives them. It makes...
  4. Chris Nolte

    This Commercial Pilot Chooses His Ebike When He’s Not in the Cockpit

    We made friends with Simon earlier this year and we’re excited to share his story. He’s a young commercial airline pilot living in Switzerland and he chooses to commute by ebike instead of car. He’s a really great guy and this is one of many people choosing to go by bike and we feel the world...
  5. Chris Nolte

    2020 Riese & Müller Load Review

    This is the new Riese & Müller Load for 2020. It’s frame has been completely redesigned to include the Generation 4 Bosch Cargoline motor, a belt drive and it’s now available with the Rohloff. I’m very excited about this bike as it has some great improvements from last year. I hope you enjoy...
  6. Chris Nolte

    She Fell in Love With Her Commute After Replacing Her Car With an Electric Cargo Bike

    I recently produced a video with my friend Catrin from R&M. It's a story of how she uses her Load to commute to work. I was very inspired and I hope this video inspires others to consider how they get around. I look forward to sharing more of these stories in the future to help others see...
  7. Chris Nolte

    Touring cross country with an ebike - Video

    I’m excited to share this little video we did with our friend Pita! She recently embarked on a cross country trip on her ebike. She’s riding a Riese & Müller Nevo GX Rohloff HS unsupported. We plan to do a part two video next month when she gets to Brooklyn.
  8. Chris Nolte

    Grand Opening of Riese & Müller's New Factory! What do you wanna see, know, ask?

    Hey All, I'm excited to be attending the grand opening of Riese & Müller's new factory in Germany and I plan to do a little video while I'm there. I'm kind of an amateur at videography so hopefully, it works out well. I figured I would be nice to ask the members of the EBR community what you...
  9. odunsche

    riese & mueller packster 60 nuvinci - almost new for sale - $5400

    riese & mueller packster 60 electric cargo box bike. barely used cargo box bike. made in germany, top of the line, easily holds two kids. bought february 2018 and barely ridden. aluminum frame, very lightweight. bosch electric motor with nuvinci sealed gear mechanism. over $7k new...
  10. A

    RM New charger vs Super charger

    Hi people around the World! I’m all new to this forum so I hope I post this in the right place. At the moment I’m pretty close to buying a speed pedelec e-bike. (here in the EU these are limited to 45km per hour) My commute is about 22 km times two mostly flat, on good roads. The bikes that my...
  11. E

    Riese & Müller Introduce New Charger and Supercharger E-Bikes to the US

    WEITERSTADT, Germany - March 5, 2018 - Riese & Müller - (www.r-m.de/en-us) - manufacturer of premium E-Bikes, kicks off the 2018 season with the launch of the New Charger and Supercharger models in North America. The New Charger and Supercharger are the first, fully integrated E-Bikes from...
  12. D

    NuVinci Harmony

    Hi I’m a newbie to this forum and community. I’ve been led here by Court’s brilliant reviews and by my recent decisiin to take the plunge into the ebike world with a Merida E160 900E MTB, due to arrive early 2018. Can’t wait, have some of best trails in a huge reserve I live next to... I’ve...
  13. B


    AUSTIN-BASED ROCKET ELECTRICS OPENS FIRST BOSCH-POWERED RIESE & MÜLLER ELECTRIC BIKE TEST CENTER AT 2ND STREET DISTRICT Second Location Will Cater to Downtown Dwellers, Commuters, and Businesses Austin, Texas (Oct. 25, 2017) – ROCKET ELECTRICS, Austin’s first all-electric bike retailer, is...
  14. Chris Nolte

    Riese & Müller 2018 Updates from Interbike

    Court and I had a visit with the Riese & Müller team at Interbike and Court made a video. Check it out below: Here is Court’s Synopsis for reference: For 2018, Riese & Müller is celebrating it’s 25th anniversary by launching a “top of the line” Deluxe Signature model. It’s built around their...
  15. niveksilliw

    Bosch Powertube and 2018 E-bikes

    Has anyone heard about the new 2018 E-bikes from Bosch? I hear the plan is to integrate the battery into the frame of the bike making a much more streamlined bike. Riese and Muller has some picture on their website that show some updated 2018 models. They are due out in October. There is a dual...
  16. B

    Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte NuVinci HS

    I just got my Riese & Muller Cruiser Mixte HS (large frame) a couple of weeks ago. With 70 miles on the odometer, I am very happy with this bike so far. Since there are so few reviews on this bike, I am posting some of my early impressions. I will throw in some comparisons to my wife’s IZIP...
  17. Chris Nolte

    Heiko Comes to Brooklyn! German Bikes & Beer at Propel

    We’re excited to have Heiko Müller, the co-founder of Riese & Müller in Brooklyn to help introduce his brand to the US. Heiko will give a talk about the history of the brand and the future of e-mobility. We’ll have German beer and eats, along with music and some really awesome bikes! Court will...
  18. Chris Nolte

    Hieko Müller is coming to Brooklyn

    April is looking like it's going to be a very exciting month. It sounds like Court will be visiting during the first couple of weeks and during his stay Heiko Müller the co-founder of Riese & Müller will be visiting with his wife and business partner Sandra Wolf. We will most likely have a...
  19. Over50

    Over50's Charger Chronicles

    I should be seeing my Charger GT Nuvinci HS in the coming weeks. I wanted to start a thread anticipating posting some pics and enventually commuting video. My purchase is through Propel Bikes in Brooklyn. Chris Nolte is very generous with his time and has been great about answering my...