1. Peve3

    R&M SD Belt keeps coming off

    Hi all, I have had my SuperDelite for about a year and its been working fine but recently the belt system keeps coming off at the rear. I have a Rohloff geared hub installed, I initially noticed the belt would pop off when cycling up steep hills so im guessing high torque going through the...
  2. scrambler

    Has anyone heard of, seen or bought the Steinerdesign Ultra E Fully bike?

    I came across a bike called Steiner Ultra E bike online on two different sites below Apparently both...
  3. S

    R&M Supercharger 2 GT Rohloff - how to remove the belt

    Hi, On last january, I bought a RM supercharger 2 GT Rohloff version mainly for everyday commuting. I am very satisfied and already reached 1100 kms. Unfortunately I have damaged the belt guard during a journey in the forest. the design is really good beacause neither the front sprocket nor the...
  4. Ravi Kempaiah

    Internally Geared Hubs (IGH) systems - Rohloff vs Pinion

    This video discusses two of the most reliable IGH systems i.e Rohloff and Pinion. There are other systems that re specifically made for E-bike systems like Enviolo, Shimano Nexus Inter -5 but the author decided to speak about Rohloff and Pinion.
  5. Chris Nolte

    Rohloff E-14 Troubleshooting

    I put together a little video with some of the common challenges people have with the Rohloff E-14. I hope you find it to be helpful.
  6. D

    Cassette durability! Convert to SRAM EX1? Try Rohloff E14, Nuvinci n360?

    Hey all, I ride a bafang ultra based ebike. I keep going through cassettes, at a rate of about 1 cassette every 200-300 miles. I really only have problems with the bottom 11T ring, as I often do stretches at 35-40MPH with the motor cranking at 1500W. The small number of teeth (I think) get...
  7. Chris Nolte

    2020 Riese & Müller Load Review

    This is the new Riese & Müller Load for 2020. It’s frame has been completely redesigned to include the Generation 4 Bosch Cargoline motor, a belt drive and it’s now available with the Rohloff. I’m very excited about this bike as it has some great improvements from last year. I hope you enjoy...
  8. Chris Nolte

    Touring cross country with an ebike - Video

    I’m excited to share this little video we did with our friend Pita! She recently embarked on a cross country trip on her ebike. She’s riding a Riese & Müller Nevo GX Rohloff HS unsupported. We plan to do a part two video next month when she gets to Brooklyn.
  9. C

    Supercharger Rohloff HS vs Delite Nuvinci HS

    Hi, I’m looking for a HS bike which I will mainly use for my commute (50km one way). I’m living in a flat area with almost no slopes. The roads I’ll be biking on are asphalt/pavement with a not so occasional pothole. I have test-driven the Delite Nuvinci. I liked it, but the highest gear is not...
  10. Dmitri

    My Review of the Riese & Müller Delite GX Rohloff

    Hi everyone! I made a video review of my Delite bike halfway through all the planned upgrades. Here it is. Comments welcome!
  11. Robert Clark

    Optibike rohloff hub indicator for shiftezy electronic shifter

    I have a shiftezy electronic shifter that shifts with two buttons. One button for going up in gears and the other going down. Would there be a way to indicate what gear you are in?