1. Ridin222

    C9 Saddle Rails Too Wide.....

    Hi all, While still working on our Ride1UP 700 ST's brake and cassette issue, I decided to step back for a moment and install some accessories we bought. I tried installing the C9 saddles, but the rails are too wide for the seat post clamp. The rails are steel and will not budge. What do I do...
  2. J.R.

    New Ergon eMTB saddles for men and women and a chance to win one

  3. P

    Gel Saddle or Memory Foam

    I bought an e-bike but saddle isn't very comfortable and trying to upgrade it as I use my e-bike for commuting. I can't decide which one is more comfortable and last long for saddle padding material. Gel or memory foam
  4. Barkme Wolf

    Video Review Cloud 9 Cruiser Saddle-

    Love the saddle- Here is my video review.
  5. Greenzo

    Cane creek thudbuster and flipping saddle

    Hello! Recently I purchased the cane creek thudbuster LT for my electric bike. When I made the purchase I didn't think about the need for the saddle to flip up so I could take out the battery. I do not want to take out the entire seat post every time I want to take out the battery, do you guy...
  6. Nirmala

    My Long Journey to a Comfortable Butt

    It was a perfect storm of factors that made my butt burn: 1-I have no built in padding down there, and any prolonged sitting can be a challenge for me 2-The Magnum Ui5 has a fairly upright city bike riding posture which puts more weight on my sitz bones. 3-The electric motor of course means that...
  7. J.R.

    Saddle Sores

    Saddles are where the phrase less is more makes a lot of sense. When soft foam seats hit the market a few years ago I tried one thinking it may be nice. It was painful! If your riding very short distances a couple times a week, a large, soft saddle may be comfortable for you. If you're riding...