1. J.R.

    New Ergon eMTB saddles for men and women and a chance to win one

  2. B

    Interchangeable Seats?

    Can I mount a Como seat on a Levo bike? Wasn't sure if they were compatible.
  3. D

    Haibike Hardseven/Fullseven RC: compatible child seat?

    Hi, I going to purchase an electricial MTB and I like the Haibike Hardseven/Fullseven RC. I'm going to ride alone 50% of the time and 50% with my child. Considering the particular form of the frame, I'm asking myself of their are some compatible "bike child seat" (Type: Romer jockey confort)...
  4. kermit_xc

    Retrofitting rear light to a brooks saddle

    any ideas what to use to bond the plastic harness to the Brooks saddle (Swift). It looks like a pretty good fit actually - but I don't want to damage the leather with drilling anything, it would have to be a glue / epoxy that bonds to the tool bag mounts (titanium) any suggestions good...