1. H

    older e-City over current motor cutout (Error 33)

    Hi, Appreciate finding a smartmotion-specific forum to post. I wonder, having found the motor controller used in my Smartmotion ecity is made by Ananda, whether there is a forum for that range of controllers? My issue has been Error 33 presenting and the motor cutting out if I use the...
  2. MelnickJoe

    Full Battery Turns Off Once Connected to Bike

    I have a smart motion Pacer 17.5 ah 48v Dorado+ Reention battery original from Smart Motion. Was working great but I took off the battery to charge it for a long ride. It has four green led bars indicating full when I press power button on battery. When I connect the battery to the bike, the...
  3. Chris Head

    If you have any questions on Smartmotion bikes I am here to answer them!

    Hi guys, you can contact for Smartmotion service and warranty!