1. S

    Greetings from Kansas

    Hi all, I'm an elderly gent just having received my first e-bike - a Lectric XP, and new to the forum. WOW, where were these things when I was a kid? I'll post more detailed impressions after I get a few more miles on it, but for now I can summarize that I'm very happy with it. The impetus...
  2. Bingxie Zhang

    How many people would consider a solar panel for their ebike?

    Hello everyone This is the solar bike upgrade I did for my bike. Full instruction and parts list on instrucatbles. Does anyone would like to see an commercial version? If so, please check out Faq How much did the...
  3. JackA

    Solar charging a PIM e-Bike

    The built in 12 VDC to 44 VDC converter is the key to solar charging your PIM e-Bike. Why charge with 12 VDC? Well how about camping in remote areas, or while driving to the ride. The picture attached is a Goal Zero Yeti Lithium storage system connected to a Boulder 100 solar array. The day I...
  4. J

    Can e-bike batteries be charged with solar panels?

    Has anyone tried to charge e-bike batteries with portable solar chargers? I am thinking in the context of extending one's range for camping/fishing multiday trips. Thanks!
  5. bingbing304

    Sun Basket: Universal Solar Bike Upgrade

    Simple, easy steps to upgrade your e-bike to a solar bike. Charges your bike when it parks under the sun, perfect for a commuter bike. Because we are using a booster MPPT solar charge controller with adjustable output, we can charge all e-bikes with 24V/36V/48V battery pack system. Full...
  6. S

    Solar electric bakfiets

    Hello all, My name is Dirk and i'm planning on converting a bakfiets(cargo bike) to a electric assisted one. I'm from the Netherlands near Enschede. Pictures: Because there is a lot of space and its cool i want to incorporate a 80W solar panel and multiple lead acid batteries in the...
  7. Cory151

    Solar Charger For ST2
  8. Cory151

    Solar Charger Build

    Decided to test my hand at building an off the grid solar setup to charge a pair of Stromers, a Juiced Rider and a Stealth Bomber. **** Once I put a watt meter on the Bomber's charger and found it draws about 580-600 watts I knew I needed to have a decently capable solar system. Found some...