1. S

    Hello from Yokota AB, Japan

    Hello, thanks to everyone in the forum who has helped answer my questions over the years. I bought a ST2 in 2017 while in Germany and brought it with me to Japan. I’ve changed a few things here and there and upgraded a few things. Here’s my bike as it rides today. Still looking for a handlebar...
  2. owelt

    My Custom Upgrades to Stromer ST2 and ST5 (Silent brakes,Tubeless, dropper suspension post, shimano brake caliper, 11-51 cassette)

    I have owned a stromer ST5 for 8000km since 2018 and wanted to share some modifications, i wish i knew were possible when i got this bike 2 years ago. My first Upgrade was a PNW coast suspension dropper post. I was not satisfied how ugly the bodyfloat looked and performed, and how springy it...
  3. J

    ST2 replacement brake lever/parts list?

    So this morning I fell over and busted my right/rear brake lever blade. Snapped at the pivot point. I'd like to order a replacement part and since everything ebike related scares bike shops, I think I need to find something online. Can anyone help me find this? I saw that has a...
  4. SC Cruiser

    ST2 Rear hub clatter

    Hi. I purchased an ST2 back in March. Aside from a few minor glitches, which have generally been rectified by pulling the battery, there is one that I'm concerned about, which has now happened twice, both times after having washed the bike. That is, a clattering in the rear hub. This is not...
  5. ronin2000

    2016 Turbo S vs 2016 Stromer St2

    Hey guys, new to the forum and somewhat long time lurker. Im pretty torn between waiting to see whats coming out (2017 Vado) vs getting a 2016 Turbo S now. Just test rode the Turbo S and the Stromer ST2. ST2 has more bells and whistles, much better range real world, and a few cool gimmicks...
  6. Rincon

    Stromer ST2 Suspension Shocks

    ST2 suspension?
  7. Cory151

    Solar Charger For ST2
  8. Cory151

    Solar Charger Build

    Decided to test my hand at building an off the grid solar setup to charge a pair of Stromers, a Juiced Rider and a Stealth Bomber. **** Once I put a watt meter on the Bomber's charger and found it draws about 580-600 watts I knew I needed to have a decently capable solar system. Found some...
  9. J


  10. Biker

    Take an ST2 to Japan

    Hi, I'm currently stationed in Japan but home on leave. I want to buy an ST2 and take it back with me boxed up on my flight (ANA). Will I make it?? Through the airline, through Japanese customs, does anyone have first hand experience with this? If I try and get stopped at customs in Japan, where...
  11. J.R.

    A Fall Fling With a ST2, 'Big White'

    A newbie's take on ebike commuting! More a lifestyle piece than serious journalism, nevertheless a good read. "Can a $7,000 E-Bike Replace Your Car? We Spent 30 Days Riding One to Find Out."
  12. N

    2016 ST2 vs Specialized Turbo S

    If money is not an issue, would you get a 2016 ST2 or a 2016 Specialized Turbo S ? My commute is 7 miles on way and I'll be doing the commute rain/shine snow/sunny day. I haven't seen any comparisons recently and the 2016 models are much different than when I was looking before. I already...
  13. L

    New ST2 Owner - Thrills and Frustrations

    Picked up a new ST2 at Mike's Bikes last Sunday and it's been great fun with some frustrations. The Fun ER Sunday night ride in the dark bombing around like a child on his first bike ride. Took awhile to get used to the amazing speed and near-instant accelaration. Of course I rode in power...