1. Petropoliskhan

    Canada to restrict class 3 ebikes to 20mph

    Hi, just read a Facebook post by Canadian Stromer rider Travis Carnahan whose wife, apparently, received this email from Stromer that states the following: "Dear Canadian Stromer Customers, Canadian regulations stipulate that all Stromer e-bikes in Canada are not allowed to exceed 32 km/h...
  2. Petropoliskhan

    New Stromer flagship ST7

    Hi, Check out the new Stromer flagship model: The ST7! Presented today at the Eurobike show in Germany (matte gold) later dark grey See introductory video below onYT New frame 940 Watts nominal. 52Nm of torque 1440 Wh battery 48V...
  3. toadsprocket

    2021 Stromer ST1 versus ST3

    Hello all, I test rode a Stromer ST3. They didn’t have an ST1 to try just one someone bought. What difference would I notice between the two bikes? What would be the difference in ride feel? Thank you
  4. Petropoliskhan

    Stromer ST3 Pinion/Gates

    Hi, More pictures of the new Stromer ST3 Pinion C1.9 , Gates carbon belt bike. Courtesy of Stinus on the forum. It is presented today to the public in Genk, Belgium and test ridden by the lucky attendees.
  5. Petropoliskhan

    New Stromer ST3 with Pinion C1.9 and Gates carbon belt

    Well here it is! The soon to be announced new Stromer ST3 with pinion C1.9 and gates carbon belt, with optional ABS, Wren suspension fork, and Kinekt suspension seatpost. About 9100$ without options. 820W 44 Nm Launch edition red, after that regular black & white This is going to be fun!
  6. Petropoliskhan

    Ebike battery, range,consumption infographic

    Hi, Stromer recently posted this interesting infographic about battery, consumption and range. Although it was made by Stromer I believe most of it applies to any ebike check it out.
  7. Suzzzzzzz

    Blank white screen on Stromer ST3

    Hello. I had a Stromer ST2 for a little under two years with problem after problem. 5 months ago Stromer gave me a replacement “upgrade” ST3. I haven’t been riding as much since I don’t commute for the time being, so the bike only has 307 miles on it. Yesterday at 100% charge I rode approx 7...
  8. Petropoliskhan

    Shimano Di2 xtr adjustment

    Hello all, I've been looking for adjustment instructions for the cassette/ derailleur alignment of the XTR DI2 on my ST5. Does anyone know where I can find this? Thank you
  9. Virginia Block

    Huge Stromer ST1X Sale - $2000 CAD off - High Tech & High Speed Pedelec

    Amego bought out all remaining 2019 Stromer ST1X bikes. They are the newest model with the Omni C colour display, new 48V17ah gold battery, and the upgraded horn, lights, and brakes, that make them a certified motorcycle in Europe. Available in Sports 17" and 20" in three colours: Charcoal...
  10. asapub

    800W SYNO Drive Electric Bike now shipping internationally

    European free-floating S-Pedelec sharing company Bond is now directly selling their field tested bikes and ships internationally, priced at approximately $3,600+SH. It uses Syno Drive motor found in Stromer, which got me...
  11. NikolajC

    New Stromer ST1x owner from Denmark

    Hi all, Happy new Stromer ST1x owner here. Was planning on commuting to work, but that'll have to wait. Super happy with the ST1x - let me know if you have questions (I have a few I'll post elsewhere). Only change I've done so far is the velcro strap to keep the battery lid closed, and...
  12. di734on

    Stromer Fender Stay replacement help

    I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where I can get a Front Fender stay for my Stromer ST1-X . I was putting on the front wheel and one of my Fender stays snaooed,I thought it was metal,but its plastic. Has anyone had to replace theirs or has anyone used different Fenders ? I...
  13. M

    Just got a Stromer ST1 Elite today - second battery availability ?

    Ya, just got an ST1 from MEC today - was on sale and couldn't resist - reviews seem good and price fair compared to similar models - I like the layout of it - will see how it performs on my 50-60km commutes - it's a heavy bike but I don't mind pedaling and the exercise I'm curious if ST1...
  14. Dabido

    Shop charges for Stromer activation/registration change?

    Hi folks, I just bought a used Stromer ST2s and am really excited about the bike and getting out on the road with it (maybe when it stops snowing?). Unfortunately, my initial experience with the authorized Stromer shop here in town has been less heady. Not only have they been slow to upgrade...
  15. J

    ST 1 Platinum Motor Questions

    I actually have 2 of these ST1's. They are the same model and year. One has about 23,000 km on it and the other has only 4,000 km. The LESS used bike has a glitch. The "heat" warning flashes at a lower threshold (temperature) than on the other bike. The motor goes into protective mode and slows...
  16. K

    For Sale: Stromer ST3 (almost new, ~300 miles). Southern California

    Hey all, A family emergency is forcing me to part with a recently purchased Stromer ST3 that is unfortunately outside of the return period. We bought it from Electric and Folding Bikes Northwest (an awesome shop!) here in Seattle in April 2019, and at time of posting has just over 300 miles on...
  17. Ravi Kempaiah

    Software update (release date June 17th, 2019)

    Details of the SW update Applicable to the new OMNI-C modules only. • Theft protection o PIN minimum length set at 5 digits o If the PIN has been entered incorrectly three times, the input field is blocked for 1minute o In the locked state, the motor already locks at very slow speed •...
  18. O

    STROMER Accessories, Alteration to Specs, Configuration etc.

    I'm looking for ANY info on types of: configurations; accessories; and, alterations you've made to your STROMER. These changes to your store bought model can be for ANY MODEL STROMER as I'm equally interested in the idea:) For example What is your configuration (panniers, reflectors, water...
  19. Ravi Kempaiah

    Restructuring of Stromer company results in 20% growth and profit.

    This previous year saw Stromer USA undergoing some drastic changes w.r.t location, personnel and product allocation. The biggest money pit was the HUGE office that was bought when BMC was part of the company but when BMC separated Stromer had to pay a lot of $$$ in rent alone for that huge...
  20. S

    Can't unlock ST1

    My Stromer (2012, low miles) has been great but I ran into a problem a few days ago: Out of the blue, after turning the bike on the display said “Locked” with the 4 zeros. I tried to enter the default code 1234, but no matter how I pushed "+/-" the display with 0000 did not change. Also, the...