super commuter

  1. Ravi Kempaiah

    Super Commuter Version 1.1

    The start-up company team has been testing some prototype bikes that are well thought-out and extremely capable. The first prototype is aimed at producing very capable, low-maintenance commuter. The picture shows a bike with Gates+Rohloff combo but wheels, brakes, tires are not what we want it...
  2. ebikecali

    Trek XM700+ vs Super Commuter+ 7 (2018)

    Hi everyone, I decided to buy an electric bike and did a couple of test rides and research. I live in Southern California and I am looking for a commuting bike - my commute is around 14 miles one way - and I am currently choosing between the following 2 bikes: Trek Super Commuter+7 (2018) &...
  3. Ravi Kempaiah

    Trek Super Commuter 7 - $3599

    This is a really nice bike for the money. So glad to see this version of the Super Commuter. Some of the components are downgraded from the SC8+ but they are still adequate and for the money/service, this seems like a great commuter bike.
  4. Bill R

    Looks like Trek has new Super Commuter EBike in the works

    Gary Fisher twitting and Instagraming about EBikes Today