1. Lumos

    Both water bottles keep falling off my Superdelite

    I am so sorry if this has been asked but searches of water bottles bring back hundreds of results of which I read the first five. My water bottles on both sides will jump off the pegs whilst road riding if I go over a bump. Strangely it does not seem to do it off road, but a smallish pothole...
  2. amayers

    Frame tool bag for Superdelite

    I'm interested in buying a small frame bag that will mount to the standard water bottle holder mounts on my 2021 Superdelite. However the area is pretty small, and I haven't found a frame bag that will fit there, and allow access to the factory lock. I plan to use the bag to hold a couple basic...
  3. Peve3

    R&M SD Belt keeps coming off

    Hi all, I have had my SuperDelite for about a year and its been working fine but recently the belt system keeps coming off at the rear. I have a Rohloff geared hub installed, I initially noticed the belt would pop off when cycling up steep hills so im guessing high torque going through the...
  4. amayers

    Which tires come on 2021 Superdelite GX?

    I have a 2021 Superdelite HS Rollof with GX option coming mid April. I see everyone talks about it coming with Rock Razor tires and that seems to match what R&M's photos show. But R&M's spec page shows: Schwalbe Super Moto-X 62-584 Reflex; Schwalbe Johnny Watts 60-584* I'm guessing the Johnny...
  5. Squaxor

    Alternative tyres for Superdelite - optimised for puncture resistance

    After just a few days of cycling on my new Superdelite GT Rohloff HS (Schwalbe Moto-X tyres 62-584), I had two punctures riding on a cycle lane. Glass was the culprit. These tyres have a 7/8 protection rating, so I found it surprising that they are so easily penetrated. Removing the back tyre...
  6. Machokie

    Basil MIK system?

    As I anxiously await production of my superdelite I am of course pondering accessories...mainly trunk bags, panniers, front rack bags etc. Found this on the R&M site re. rack options: "Equipment featuring the ultra-solid carrier with Basil MIK system fixed to the frame is possible, as is the...
  7. Chris Nolte

    Rohloff E-14 Troubleshooting

    I put together a little video with some of the common challenges people have with the Rohloff E-14. I hope you find it to be helpful.