1. Airwheel2016

    Airwheel Launched R8 Mountain Electric Bike

    In summer, many people become lazy and they prefer to stay at air-conditioning room, which will have side effect on their health. Actually, the main reason that they are reluctant to go out is not because of hot or cold weather, but because of no fascination. If there is a plaything that is...
  2. Airwheel2016

    I would like to know the type of electric bike in Google search for the type of science and technolo

    I would like to know the type of electric bike in Google search for the type of science and technology websites, how can I publish articles on it? Every time i sent the mail, it seems that there is no reply.
  3. E

    Is it okay to park an e-bike outdoors in rain during work day?

    Hey All, I got a job transfer and will be moving to Portland, OR in January. I'm already a (pedal-only) cycle commuter but plan to finally take the plunge for a pair of e-bikes once wifey and I get there. Does anyone have any insight regarding outdoor bike parking for e-bikes? Like, would...
  4. Airwheel2016

    Evolution of two-wheeled transportation

    From land to sky and sea, human’s trip modes have undergone several thousand years’ development with more power modes. For myself, I show special preference to two-wheeled transportation. The followings are some Historical Pictures which is my interest. Hope you can enjoy them as I do. Gig in...
  5. O

    Electric Scooters & Unicycle

    ORIENT TOUCH ELECTRONICS is a US (Colorado) Based Branch, We are recognized distributor of various consumer electronics we sell latest brand and new original phones from there manufacturer with the minimum of 1 full year international warranty... we have in stock all various type of Electric...
  6. Airwheel2016

    Airwheel to be present at HK Electronics Fair with its excellent scooters

    The advent of the two product heralds the shift in Airwheel's focus on the traditional electric scooter. It is obvious that Airwheel has one eye for the new field. The intelligent helmets cannot merely protect the rider from hurt but also the rider can listen to music and take photos by wearing...