tern hsd

  1. D

    M-Class vs Tern HSD?

    Hi folks, I am wondering if any of you have direct experience with both the Tern HSD and the Ariel Rider M-Class. They seem to be similar in concept but there is a significant price difference between the two. I know from haven ridden the HSD and the Benno Remi Demi on the same day that even...
  2. ritaj.grosso

    Compact Bike vs Folding

    I want to buy an e-bike for commuting and I live in a small apartment. I can't decide whether to buy a folding bike like Tern Vektron or a compact e-bike like Tern HSD, Ariel Rider M-Class. What are advantages of each type of frame and disadvantages. Seems folding bikes have more advantages...
  3. Chris Nolte

    New Tern HSD Video Review | P9 | S8i | S+

    I was excited to get an opportunity to spend some more time with the the HSD and we put together a video explaining the details and features of the bike. Stay tuned for more videos on the accessories as well as the rest of the Tern lineup. In the video we discussed all the different versions...
  4. michwalker

    Tern HSD With Bosch Smartphonehub

    Hi Guys. I saw the Tern HSD which looks like an amazing e-bike for city commuting and you can use this e-bike as a cargo bike too. But I don't like the display and want to upgrade it to Bosch Smartphonehub which I saw on Propel Bike video. Do you know if I can use such display on Tern HSD?
  5. Chris Nolte

    2020 Tern Updates from Eurobike | HSD | GSD | Vektron

    We walked through the Tern booth at Eurobike with Steve Boyd the general manager of Tern USA. We got to check out the newly introduced HSD models as well as some exciting updates to the GSD including the introduction of a limited edition matte black color and the new Atlas kickstand. We also...
  6. L

    Tern HSD rear rack

    I just see an article about Tern's new small cargo e-bike Tern HSD . Do you guys know if rear rack is long enough to accomodate 2 baby seats.