1. JP Stromer ST1

    Turbo Tero 5.0 motor variations

    Hi, have had several Class 3 bikes, and are now riding a Turbo Vado 6. (In Norway) So, Im used to have some assistance up to 45km/h. I also had a bike with Bosch Performance Line CX, restricted to 25km/h. On that powerful motor it took me 5 minutes to change sensor and magnet to eliminate that...
  2. S

    UPDATED - Tero 4.0 fitting bigger tires

    Hi, new to ebikes and to this forum. I am was very lucky and picked up a 2022 Tero 4.0 in December. Loving the bike and who would have thought climbing could be fun! Has anyone fitted bigger tires? From what I can see all the UK Tero bikes come with 29 x 2.35 Ground Control tires. Looking...