1. J.R.

    Be careful selling your ebike!

    Published April 22, 2021 Toronto man Tom Alfandary was selling an e-bike on Facebook Marketplace when the person looking at his e-bike sat on it and then drove it away. “I should have known not to have the bike running, but it happened so quickly. I really didn't have time to think," Alfandary...
  2. VJ6

    Quick release motor for anti-theft

    Has anyone invented a quick release motor that secures onto the outside of the axle? Here in London, UK bike theft is common (I saw someone steal a nice bike in about 15 seconds this morning with an angle grinder). I'm looking for a solution that is not: - take the bike inside - take off the...
  3. D

    GPS tracker/anti theft device

    Hi! Does anyone here have GPS tracker devices or anti theft devices on their bikes? Looking for opinions on the subject. Thanks!