1. mscir

    I need a 36V controller, throttle and battery charge display... suggestions?

    My neighbor bought an electric trike that quickly developed problems, the wiring was bad with bare wires shorting and sparking. I fixed that the bike ran sometimes but not others, it turns out the switch on the controller has a low and probably insufficient watt rating and it stopped working...
  2. S

    e-bike Rookie | 1st e-bike purchase advice

    First-time poster, future first-time owner! Looking for some advice on my first e-bike purchase: 1. I won't be commuting, but looking for a bike to enjoy around town, up and down the hilly roads of Atlanta. 2. As strange as this sounds (since it appears that most of the higher-quality ebikes...
  3. jkchang82

    Throttle hack?

    I'm a bike noob and was just curious if there are ways to hack a throttle onto the bike at all? I find it much more easier to ride having that option.
  4. Emma H

    Mid-drives with throttle/trigger?

    I have a Haibike speed pedelec, which I love. Unfortunately, the knee injury that first prompted me to get an ebike has been acting up with increased frequency and duration. After a month of forgoing my bike for a bus, I can make it 80% of the way to work without pain, but the 20% seems to set...
  5. S

    My first e-bike. China "ivelo". Questions of adding throttle.

    Hi! I just got this used "Ivelo" e-bike. It's pedal assisted only, and I'm a bit disappointed as I expected it to have a full electrical mode/throttle.. Now I have opened it up and had a look at the controller to see if there might be a place for a throttle but doesn't seem like it... Is it...
  6. ptolemyx

    Help: assist hesitation / dropouts after replacing rear wheel

    My 2016 CC has always had a problem with broken rear spokes (like many people here, it seems), so the shop I bought it from offered to rebuild the wheel with new OEM spokes under warranty. The shop is a ferry ride away (I'm in BC), and I neglected to call ahead when my wife and I decided to...
  7. K

    Bike battery questions

    Hello, I am new to this forum and hope you can assist. I just bought a new electric bike, the ejoe epik se 2018 model. The dealer told me to charge the battery every time i finish riding it optimize the battery cells. I am using it to commute to work, 16 miles round trip. After my morning...
  8. net200777

    Help please choosing

    I've been studying bikes for some time the past two years. I was one of those ones that scoffed at spending even a couple of thousand on electric bike let alone a normal bike. These days I've come to appreciate quality but also knowing how to make a dollar stretch even still. I'm torn in...
  9. JeanineD

    Can I register an e-Bike with throttle in the EU?

    I am thinking of taking an A2B Alva+ from the US when I move back to Europe (not sure the final destination yet--Amsterdam, Brussels or Copenhagen). If it weren't for the throttle, the bike would qualify as a speed pedelec and require registration, insurance, etc. Would having a throttle make it...
  10. C

    Light, Lift on to rack, townie, reliable. Help please!

    I've read so many reviews I can't keep them straight! have a Promaster van that I've turned into a camper. The rig will be complete when I find an e-bike that I can get onto the rack by myself! I also want to use it for recreation, 10-20 mile rides (so I've ruled out folding bikes) and regular...
  11. Denis Shelston

    Looking for a thumb throttle?

    Found this on the Radrover Facebook group, from a fellow called Jim Nadeau. Could not be any easier or cheaper. I'll put a black one myself. Good old zip tie.
  12. Denis Shelston

    Decent explanation of Pedal Assist vs Throttle

    I found this to be of value and wanted to share it with you. You may have already seen this... In any event here is the link
  13. C

    Throttle vs. Pedal Assist

    I'm curious how often those of you who've been e-biking for awhile use the throttle, assuming you've got both throttle and PAS? ... I get the impression riders use the throttle a lot in the beginning but, over time, get more and more used to pedal assist, using the throttle less and less. I'm...
  14. J

    Throttle problem

    I have a daymak em-1 I bought it used and had to drive it home 45 minutes in the rain the bike has dried, the battery's are fully charged but when I turn on the bike now the throttle goes for half a second then dosnt work but the bikes signals and dash still work, this is the weird thing. When...
  15. D

    Thin w/ Display takes off by itself!

    This has happened more than three times so far: I'm off the bike and holding the bars and it suddenly goes full throttle! The first time it happened I just assumed I accidentally hit the throttle, but when it happened again I realized it was doing it on its own. I'm getting used to always...
  16. JayVee

    Has anyone got 'running assist' to work?

    It sounds like the Haibike has a limited throttle (for starting up). From the Haibike manual: "When you are on or off the bicylcle and start moving it, you can use running assist without pedaling it. When you press the running assist switch once the running assist indicator will come on for 5...
  17. O

    New guy here, need smart/experienced assistance!

    Hello, I'm brand new to the e bike scene. I live in Wisconsin so, my riding season is rather short compared to those of you who live farther south. I'm around 5'10", 200#. I have a 2005 Diamondback Coil EX & need your input as to if this bike is worth building on. I'd use it for light woods...
  18. R

    Throttle kits

    Can a throttle kit be added to a Specialized or Haibike mountain bike? I'm not concerned about legality or warranty issues. I just want to know if there are kits out there and can these bikes accept them.
  19. George S.

    A VERY Simple Ebike Law (Proposal)

    Excerpt from Utah Senate Bill 121 (proposed 2/1/2016, Spon. Todd Weiler) (13) "Electric assisted bicycle" means a bicycle with an electric 85 motor that: 86 (a)has a power output of not more than 1,000 watts; 87 [and] 88 (b)is not capable of: 89 (i) traveling at a speed of more...
  20. S

    E-Bike Suggestion

    Hey guys, I've been looking for an ebike now almost a month but didn't find anything suitable for me, and would like to ask for some advice... What I am looking for is a bike with: - 28 mph (possibly just on throttle) - at least 11 AH (and if it is possible 48 Volt) - a range of at least 25...