1. PedalUma

    Show Us a Tool

    This tread is where to show others a tool and to talk about its use. What do you like about this tool? What is not so great. How do you use it? I like that it is heavy duty and has a padded grip. I use this extendable ratchet to remove and install bottom brackets. Having extra leverage is very...
  2. amayers

    Frame tool bag for Superdelite

    I'm interested in buying a small frame bag that will mount to the standard water bottle holder mounts on my 2021 Superdelite. However the area is pretty small, and I haven't found a frame bag that will fit there, and allow access to the factory lock. I plan to use the bag to hold a couple basic...
  3. liquidate

    Freewheel removal on a Himiway Cruiser

    I'd like to swap out a 14-28 freewheel with an 11-34. Unfortunately, Bolton's new freewheel removal tool is incompatible with the Himiway Cruiser. I sent an email to Himiway support and they provided the following video as a possible guide: Are they using snap pliers? I don't care about...