1. motostrano

    Next EbikeTreks Meet-Up- Santa Cruz

    Our next Motostrano / EbikeTreks meet-up is set for the end of the month with a fun ride through the coastal roads and trails of Santa Cruz California. Join us! Note: with all the hard rain in California lately our most recent ride around...
  2. celticbill

    bionx 350 20" wheel vs bionx 500 29" wheel

    I have been riding a Bikefriday with a 350 kit retrofitted and have been thinking about moving it to my Greenspeed Magnum tadpole trike. I would then get a bionx d500 to put on my old Surly Karate Monkey. I am 6'5" and around 240lbs and I am concerned about the difference in torque/power when...