1. K

    Tubeless Options for Allant+ within Bosch Circumference Range

    I'm looking for a solution to going tubeless on my 9.9S. I've had to change a flat on a commute and with a bike so heavy and loaded with panniers, it makes it a chore even though I'm adept at changing flats. I haven't had luck finding a tubeless road/hybrid oriented tire that's in the 2.2-2.4"...
  2. owelt

    My Custom Upgrades to Stromer ST2 and ST5 (Silent brakes,Tubeless, dropper suspension post, shimano brake caliper, 11-51 cassette)

    I have owned a stromer ST5 for 8000km since 2018 and wanted to share some modifications, i wish i knew were possible when i got this bike 2 years ago. My first Upgrade was a PNW coast suspension dropper post. I was not satisfied how ugly the bodyfloat looked and performed, and how springy it...
  3. GreatLakesWaterman

    ISO 60-622 Commute Tire (for tubeless)

    So far the Schwalbe G One Speed is my first choice. Any recommendations on a similar tubeless tire for commuting? TIA
  4. Barkme Wolf

    Tubeless tires (26"x2.3")

    I got 4 flats in 2 months on a new bike, the last with one week old Mr. Tuffy liners. I was originally looking at Marathon Tour (flat-less) tires but I don't think they would have survived my last flat. So now I am looking into tubeless but don't know where to start. Need something with cushion...