1. M

    upgrade bafang mid-drive possible?

    I'm looking at getting my first ebike, and leaning toward an M2S or VoltBike model, both designed around a bafang 350w mid-drive. I want torque sensing, but ideally would like a throttle as well, which these don't come with. (I also looked at Juiced torque-sensing hub drives, but have read on...
  2. Dmitri

    My Review of the Riese & Müller Delite GX Rohloff

    Hi everyone! I made a video review of my Delite bike halfway through all the planned upgrades. Here it is. Comments welcome!
  3. eagamer80

    Upgrading rear derailleur, casette and chain - my experience

    Hi, As I posted before when I upgraded the chainring and the bottom bracket, I was gonna do a post about my upgrade of the rear derailleur and the change of my old cassette and chain. For the upgrades I selected the following components: - For the rear derailleur, I chose a Shimano XT M786...
  4. D

    Upgrading Liberty Trike

    I have a Liberty Trike with about 700 miles on it. The trike is great for lots of reasons, but I am not its (current) target demographic, which is senior citizens who want a "mobility scooter." I am an active cyclist who prefers the trike when carrying art supplies and other cargo. Here's my...
  5. Hagrid

    HyperFat Upgrades

    Juiced Bikes Announced Upgrades to the HyperFat on their blog 5/3/2017 (3rd of May 2017) http://www.juicedbikes.com/updates/2017/5/3/hyperfat-hf1000-update-for-pre-orders.html I wanted to discuss the upgrades and see if any of you would chime in on my questions, confirm my stance on the...
  6. Chris Nolte

    Electric Bike Lights

    We commonly discuss different types of lights available to connect to your ebike battery so I figured I would make a thread to discuss some of the brands that offer ebike lights as well as the different models available. First it's helpful to understand how they work. Most ebike lighting...
  7. SpiderDice

    Battery Upgrade/Backup

    Looks like this battery from Lunacycle will work right out of the box. Has anyone tried using a 52v battery on their Rad Rover? What kind of differences are you seeing? http://lunacycle.com/batteries/packs/52v/52v-pansonic-11-5ah-or-13-5ah-dolphin/
  8. jhewitt3476

    Battery Upgrades

    Upgrading batteries for ebikes a possibly complicated question, so I'm going to separate it... My objective on my ebike project isn't power or speed, but distance, without overpowering the motor or having to purchase one or two EXTRA batteries. I want to get a 350w hub kit, but the...