1. S

    Front light that can run from intuvia micro USB port

    Hi, Are there any front lights that can be powered by the Bosch intuvia micro USB port, I have a front light that will charge via usb but the light can’t be on while it is charging. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. P

    The Tesla of bikes has arrived! Introducing the Lauva e-bike! Now on kickstarter

    A breakthrough in e-bike style and function. Help support this beautiful product on kickstarter and feel good that you will also be supporting the preservation of the Lion population, the inspiration behind the design.
  3. D

    '16 Sduro All Mtn rc, mini usb for iphone 6 recharging? what's widest tires I can swap in?

    Hi fellas, I recently bit the bullet and bought a 2016 model on a closeout sale. I'm waiting for the bike to get to the bike shop and have it ready, maybe few days after Thanksgiving. Anyone know if the mini usb port on the left handlebar can be used to charge an iphone 6s? Anyone know...
  4. SpiderDice

    More USB ports...more fun!

    Easily add more USB ports to your RPB with USB hub and a proper extension cable! I'm sure many of you have already done this already, but here's what I did. Feel free to copy what I bought and what I did. 4-port USB Hub (You can get any one you like. I chose this one from Anker, it's a...
  5. Laptop-guy

    ST2s USB Port Issues

    Hi, Just got my new Stromer ST2-S. I am really enjoying the power and control this bike offers. The super headlight, GPS, Anti-Theft are all bonuses.. I am having issue with the USB port connection however. Anything I plug into it is only powered for about 5 seconds and then the port shuts...
  6. C

    Haibike Sduro Fullnine RC 2015 model Lights outlet specifications or USB adapter

    Hi, Does anyone know what is the oultlet type and voltage on the lights wire on the -- 2015!! -- Haibike Yamaha PWseries mid mounted engine? Is it possible to find a DC/DC USB converter - or ANY other DIY solution - to be able to charge a 5v device (GPS-iPhone) while riding?? Thanks!