1. I

    2018 Vado 6.0 reliability concerns?

    Hi everyone. I recently bought a 2018 Turbo Vado 6.0 w/ ~700 miles from an online used bike dealer, and was hoping to get some input while I'm waiting for it to arrive. I was doublechecking the specs and stumbled upon some negative reviews and forum posts here about reliability issues. They...
  2. J

    Specialized Turbo VADO battery failure

    This seems to be pretty common way to break your battery. That is by shorting out the terminals on the battery In my case charger magnetic plug picked up a staple off the garage floor and when I plugged in the charge the staple crossed the pins on the batttery. Others have accidentally placed...
  3. PedalUma

    Is Vado Smoking Addictive?

    I smoke two Vados in the morning I smoke two more at night I smoke two Vados in the afternoon It makes me feel alright I smoke two Vados in time of peace And two in time of war I smoke two Vados before I, I smoke two Vados Then I smoke two more Smoke two Vados Is Vado Smoking Addictive?
  4. JP Stromer ST1

    Turbo Tero 5.0 motor variations

    Hi, have had several Class 3 bikes, and are now riding a Turbo Vado 6. (In Norway) So, Im used to have some assistance up to 45km/h. I also had a bike with Bosch Performance Line CX, restricted to 25km/h. On that powerful motor it took me 5 minutes to change sensor and magnet to eliminate that...
  5. Scarbs

    Turbo Vado SL wheel removal

    Hi, newby here. I have purchased a Turbo Vado SL and, when getting riding kit ready, notice that I don’t really know what tools I require to remove the wheels. Any ideas please?
  6. N

    Specialized Vado 4.0 - Beware

    SPECIALIZED E-BIKE OWNERS – BEWARE … We wanted you to feel like you were on a “regular” bike, but that somehow, you’d grown superhero legs. Our core mission still hasn’t changed. It’s now, and forever will be, our promise for every Turbo: It’s You, Only Fast. The above caption is right from...
  7. RGVCycling

    Burley Coho

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone has the Burley Coho trailer hooked up to a Vado eBike? I am hoping to get a Vado 5.0 soon and was looking for a cargo trailer for it. I'm looking at the Burley Coho or the Nomad. Cheers, Ray
  8. V

    Vado 5.0 Front Headlight Adjustment

    Hello, does anyone know what size tool I need to adjust the angle of my front headlamp on the 2020 Vado 5.0? Thanks
  9. G

    2018 Turbo Vado 2.0 Start Up / Power Problem

    It seems another user had a similar issue but the resolution was not posted. My wife was on a ride and when she was 9 miles out from home, the bike fell over and would not power back up despite the battery having about 1/2 charge remaining on it. When she pushed the power button, the screen...
  10. Johnmj1

    I want to upgrade: Specialized Turbo Vado vs. Trek Allant?

    I am nuts over riding my ebike, since purchasing a Trek Verve +3 Step-through. I am considering an upgrade to either the Trek Allant or Specialized Turbo Vado. Driving the upgrade is the desire for a faster assist (28 mph), a bigger battery, fun to ride, and of course, value/reliability. (Will...
  11. Quinncy

    2019 Vado 2.0 Warning light on start up, resistance at 20mph, and bloks screen turns off during ride.

    My bike less than 100 miles on it. When I power it on I get an exclamation point and 0d on the display. The display will also shut off at random times but the bike controls work fine. last thing, I feel resistance at 20mph. Like the bike is breaking If anyone has an idea on what is going...
  12. Phyz

    The right sized Vado?

    I'm on the bubble between a Large and Extra Large frame size per Specialized size chart. I'm 6'1" (185cm). But I'm tall in the torso (32" inseam). The smart thing to do would be to go to the LBS and test drive both. But the LBSs don't seem to have Vados of any kind anywhere near their showroom...
  13. Dirty Cash

    Wanted: Specialized Vado Mirror

    Looking for anyone who is doesn’t want their: S1599000001: MSC MY15 TURBO/MY17 VADO MIRROR Thanks in advance.
  14. Turbo Vado Pip

    Hello Turbo Vado friends everywhere / 2019 Range / Missing App!!

    Hi all. Happy owner of a Vado 4.0 I see that Specialized has now updated their website (UK) introducing a new flagship model, the Vado 5.0 The changes made to the 2017/18 Vado 4.0 model including moving the rear light from the pannier to the rear mud guard are also now showing on the...
  15. Scooterboy

    Vado 3.0 rack compatibility with Racktime adapter

    Hello Vado owners. Has anyone used the Racktime adapter to fit existing top bags onto the most current Turbo Vado 3.0 rack? My bike is due at the dealer shortly. A step through version was just unpacked and had a good surprise - the fragile rear light has been moved off the rack on onto the...
  16. B

    When will Bluetooth be activated on Vado?

    Picked up my Vado 4.0 from LBS in Comox BC. Love the bike, but disappointed to see that the Bluetooth hasn't been activated yet. I've read through the forum and consensus was "some time in Nov 2017", but we are past that now. Any rumours when it will be activated?