1. D

    Safely recharging ebike battery from 12v DC outlet in my RV (motorhome)

    Hi guys, I have a Haibike mountain bike. The bike battery is a Samsung 36 volt, 13.6 amp hour, 489.6 watt hour, lithium battery that take 4.5 hours to fully charge from empty. The battery charger says: input 100v-240v, 1.9A, 190W output 42v, 4A My Motorhome has AGM 6V batteries that recharge...
  2. Ognyan Bozhilov

    New type of Electric Vehicle

    Hi, my name is Ognyan Bozhilov. I'm leading a small team, based in Sofia (Bulgaria) and we're developing a new type of small, electric vehicle for city commuting. It's called 'Narcine' - a tilting, foldable trike. We already have a working prototype and we even raced it against a car to compare...