1. cliffieleez

    How to get to know my ebike

    Two months ago, I got my first ebike on Craigslist and I fell in love with cycle commuting. It's a Velec R48T that I bought off a retiree for $500; he lived in an RV park off a three-lane highway and didn't like doing 20mph in the breakdown lane anymore. I asked a lot of questions that I thought...
  2. C

    Thoughts on Velec Citi+

    I’m supremely new to this all and am interested in the Velec Citi+ but I can’t find reviews on it. If anyone has other recommendations I’d be open to it. I’m looking to use it for the winter in Calgary so I’d also be looking to get studded tires. Would this be an okay solution to every day...
  3. Matt Maynor

    Help in North Florida

    I'm very new to this forum but I'm very interested in purchasing an Ebike. However, the more I read the more confused I get. After a lot of research, I have come to the conclusion that I want: 1) Mid Drive Motor 2) Step Through Frame 3) Pedal Assist, with throttle if possible. 4) Range of 50...