1. All-Bike Update

    Ecotric Hammer - In-Depth Review (with some buttery smooth B-Roll)

    Okay, it's all handheld and not "buttery smooth", but I tried my best ;) Hope you guys enjoy my take on the Hammer from Ecotric. (I'll put the specs down below as well!) MAKE: Ecotric MODEL: Hammer PRICE: $1,500 BODY POSITION: Upright SUGGESTED USE: Neighborhood, Urban, Beach, Snow ELECTRIC...
  2. Barkme Wolf

    Is e-Biking Cheating?

    I have seen a lot of posts about cyclers calling ebikers cheaters.
  3. Barkme Wolf

    BBSHD Build Video Diary

    Still in prep mode-
  4. R

    Elegant Test Ride Video Link - The Greatest!

    I just received my Voltbike Elegant and love it! I'm overweight and have a bad knee so the step through design was very attractive to me. I exchanged the handlebars with a 4" riser to give me more of an upright posture. I am still learning the controls but appreciate the flexibility to adjust to...
  5. Barkme Wolf

    Bike Glove Video Review

  6. Barkme Wolf

    Safety Tip Video

  7. Barkme Wolf

    Summer Daily Ride Setup Video

  8. Barkme Wolf

    Choosing your first E bike (video)

  9. Barkme Wolf

    Helmet Cam Video Review

  10. JayVee

    My GoPro 4 GPS dashboard experiments using a smartphone as a tracker

    The newer Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 and GoPro Hero 5 models have GPSes included that allow you to overlay GPS data (speed, direction, etc.) on videos. But I have an older GoPro HERO 4 and I wanted to put some GPS overlays on it using only the GPS data from my smartphone. It’s not that complicated...
  11. Barkme Wolf

    Can an Electric Bike "Replace" A Car?

    Rider opinion.
  12. Barkme Wolf

    5000 mile review

    My feelings about the experience after 5000 miles of riding an electric bike.
  13. Barkme Wolf

    I never lock up my bike...

  14. Barkme Wolf

    Hardware Store Padded Work Gloves Great for Cycling

    A review of affordable padded work gloves-