1. zeldaharvestmoon

    Buying Opinion Wanted: Voltbike Trio

    I am a 5"5' Canadian looking to purchase an E-Trike , as I have low vision and troubles with balancing a standard bike and am looking for buying advice and opinions. Ideally I am looking for something that will allow me to independently travel, run errands like shopping, and get exercise. As...
  2. R

    New 2020 VoltBike Mariner

    Editing this post to point to the newer thread that I made about the 2020 VoltBike Mariner. For some reason after I added this post yesterday, it disappeared, so I created the other one. Then this one appeared today. So I removed the pics and content, as it was largely a duplicate. Here's the...
  3. R

    Creaking/snapping headset

    Hi, I have a new voltbike enduo. The headset makes a creaking or snapping noise when I turn the handlebars. The bike is brand new and the noise appears to be coming from the top bearing. I can’t see a way to grease the bearings as they are both sealed. I don’t think they should need grease yet...
  4. KoryOZ

    2018 VoltBike Yukon 750 Limited unboxing video on YouTube

    The audio isn't great, but thought I'd share because there just aren't enough VoltBike videos out there. My unboxing video on YouTube. I think the link above will take you to YouTube, but I'm going to post the link directly below to see if that will embed the video here to make it easier for...
  5. M

    $2500 for Fat Bike budget

    I have a Yukon 750 Limited on order. I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with it but I could probably spend up to $2500 or so. Anything I should seriously be considering? I mostly want to ride some street and majority gravel/dirt roads and whatever trails I can find. My mountain bike trails near...
  6. Cole

    Radrover VS Volt Yukon 750

    I have been researching affordable e-bikes (specifically mountain bikes) lately and have a very low budget of under $1600. I have narrowed down my search to the Radrover and the Volt Yukon 750. I’ve heard that Radrovers have more upgrade options and come with some better components stock. But I...
  7. A

    VOLT 750 Limited Review?

    I just recently purchased the colt 750 limited w/2017 upgrades and was wondering anyone has experience with this bikes and their thoughts. I haven't found much only concerning it. I know it closely relates to the original 750. Anything helps :) VoltBike Yukon
  8. C

    Tiny nail on Mariner fat tire (Replace or Patch?)

    Hi guys! I don’t have much experience on bikes, I’m kinda new to all of this. Got a Voltbike Mariner a month ago and yesterday I got a flat tire, a tiny nail punctured it. -_- What should I do? Just replace the tube? Or do I need to get a new tire too? Can I patch the tire? How? Here is the...
  9. Reema Ylla

    1 month with the VoltBike Mariner

    Hello, A fellow youtube by the name of GixrGuy brought to my attention that i should post my review and get some feedback! Thanks for taking the time to watch it. Ill be bring more videos about my experience through the year, i hope to get feedback from all you.
  10. K

    Voltbike Urban, Mariner, or E-Joe EPIK?

    I think I've narrowed it down to these three. I live in Buffalo, NY - very flat, and very snowy. Most rides would be 10+ miles. Must have: PAS and Throttle (thumb, not twist), 350W+, folding, $1,600USD or less. Voltbike Urban: The price is great ($1100), Motor and Battery weaker than the...
  11. MysticalFists

    Help Me Choose A Fat Tire Ebike - RadRover / Yukon / M2S / Hype / ETC

    Howdy, First time poster, although I've been watching Court's videos and reading all your reviews for like 2 months now, and I'm getting closer to biting the bullet. Hell, I'd already have bought my RadRover if they were still in stock, but I'm still having to wait a week. Since I'm waiting...
  12. dapope_22

    Hello, from Saint Louis

    Court, I've been researching e-bikes for the last few months and EBR has been an invaluable asset. I'm very close to making a decision. The 3 bikes I am interested in are the RadRover, the Voltbike Yukon 750, and the Juiced Hyper Fat 750 when it is released. I've watched a ton of your youtube...
  13. Luigi

    New battery for Voltbike Elegant

    I'm finding the 250w power of my Voltbike Elegant motor not enough power for my commuting. I'm exploring ways I can power up the motor without much service. I thought maybe I could replace the 36volt battery with a 48volt battery. Is that compatible with the 250w motor and will it result in any...
  14. I

    Pedego Trail Tracker vs Voltbike Yukon 500W Limited

    Trying to decide between the Trail Tracker and the Yukon 500. They both appear to have the same concept - 500 W motor, 4" wide tires, rigid frame. The Trail Tracker looks more attractive and solidly built. It's battery is incorporated into the downtube, so it is more sleek looking. Big...
  15. Cnugget

    First Flat on my Fat Tire :( What is best?

    After 1200 km's on my Mariner Volt Bike, I have my first flat from a 3 inch nail. :eek: My tire size is 20" x 4" and the flat is on the rear :oops: aka where the hub motor is. Should I take it to a LBS (quoted $15 repair) or attempt to repair myself? If I take it into a bike shop should I get a...
  16. Voltbike

    Voltbike Mariner 500w folding electric fat bike

    Guys, I am very happy to introduce the newest addition to the Voltbike family. Voltbike Mariner is folding electric fat bike with 20x4" fat tires. Not only that, it's using the same 48V system and 500w 8Fun motor as the big brother Voltbike Yukon. To support this we implemented Sanyo (by...