water bottle

  1. PedalUma


    Hydration-mydration! Hydration is just a big word for water; Right? There have been many studies on athletic performance and worker performance focusing on the highly important topic of hydration. Share some. There are many products that this group is using now and others would like you to share...
  2. Lumos

    Both water bottles keep falling off my Superdelite

    I am so sorry if this has been asked but searches of water bottles bring back hundreds of results of which I read the first five. My water bottles on both sides will jump off the pegs whilst road riding if I go over a bump. Strangely it does not seem to do it off road, but a smallish pothole...
  3. Denis Shelston

    Water bottle holder?

    It deserves its own discussion. How would suggest I install a water bottle holder? Any suggestions, I'm struggling to find a decent spot. I'm tempted to do like Radrover, drill holes and install a few screws... Handlebar space is at a premium right now, anywhere else?
  4. Tara D.

    Self filling water bottle

    The Fontus self-filling water bottle turns air into drinking water! This is by far the neatest thing I have seen recently and had to share. Also it doesn't look like you need bottle cage bosses ;) http://www.techinsider.io/the-fontus-self-filling-water-bottle-2016-1