1. Shelley

    Lectric upgrades, swaps and insights

    A little history. These are the 3rd electric bikes that we have owned. We are retired and in our 60's and live in a condo. We purchased 2 Lectric bikes back in April 2022 after taking a test ride in PHX. I have the white step thru XP 2.0 and hubby has the the regular black XP 2.0. I really...
  2. BlueMoth

    New Buyer Questions

    So I'm thinking about buying an ebike! I need a form of transportation and even a tiny Smart Twofor is starting to sound like too much to me (6k for a used one, registration, insurance, etc.) I guess that's how I've stumbled upon ebikes. The places I'm most likely to go are within ~10 miles of...