1. swtchbkr

    Firmware updates and 'Service' query

    Hey, this probably applies to more than just Momentums or Yamaha motors, but wondering about where I can hear about Firmware updates for my bike... Do I have to take it to the LBS? Is this what is 'updated' through the Giant app I use when the 'updates' come through? Also, my app tells me...
  2. Oski1997

    Does Bosch, Brose and Shimano plan on making their own branded eBikes

    I‘m new to the bicycle community. I’ve learned a couple of things (I think). The three biggest bicycle manufacturing companies (by revenue) are Giant, Trek and Merida. Giant not only makes the frames for themselves but also for Pinarello, Colnago and Canyon (to name a few). Trek manufactures...
  3. Oski1997

    San Diego invitation to ride the Great Western Loop

    Hello fellow ebikers! A couple of friends and I will be going on the 42-mile Great Western Loop here in San Diego this week. All ebikers all welcome to join us. We go at a moderate pace (3 1/2 hours to ride 42 miles) with a 3,900ft elevation. We average about 16mph on the flat road BUT on the...
  4. S

    Yamaha YPJ-MT Pro

    Hello, I visited a bike show a number of months back and saw a prototype/concept bike from Yamaha which I thought looked really cool, down to 80s styling. https://global.yamaha-motor.com/jp/showroom/event/tokyo-motorshow-2019/exhibitionmodels/ypj-yz/ Unfortunately they didn't keep that...
  5. D

    Yamaha PW motor bearings service

    I've recently watched the video from performancelinebearings.com I noticed he used some kind of hydraulic machine to get out some of the bearings. I was considering doing the bearings myself but I don't have such a machine + it's too expensive for using once every year or two. Those of you on...
  6. T

    Yamaha PW 2015 torque/crank sensor error

    Hi, So, my story goes like this : I bought a second hand batavus e-bike with Yamaha motor from a lady who had barely used the last 2 years. it had 400km !!! For 3 months it served very good. And then the rains started. Last week i was coming back from work with heavy rain. Everything was...
  7. T

    Hello from the bicycle capital- Copenhagen!

    Hi e-bike enthusiasts, I am driving the last 3 months almost every day one BATAVUS STREAM EGO with YAMAHA PW motor 2015. I was pretty much satisfied until one rainy day last week while i was cycling I got an error 32(related to torque sensor or crank sensor error). And the adventure on how to...
  8. David Sorrentino

    Is Brose less powerful or more "natural"? And should I buy it?

    Hi all. About to become an ebike owner for the first time and need some honest, informed advice. I'm getting the bike mainly for commuting and perhaps for a calm weekend trail ride with the kids. My wife will also use the bike from time to time. I'm a pretty experienced road and CX rider and...
  9. M

    Range 100 Miles Giant Road-E.

    Giant 2018 Road-E+ - Range 100 mile Yes, I just rode 100 miles on one battery charge. The Bike - 2018 Road-E+. Yamaha 500WH. Set up with Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. 700*38C. Great tire last set road 10,000 miles with no flats. Bike set up for touring and comfort. Cain Creek Thudbuster...
  10. S

    Giant dirt e battery

    Hi I have a giant dirt e and when I charge to 100 percent it quickly drops to 97 within minutes of riding. Should I discharge battery or is it fault but I do seem to roughly get the range that is displayed in the different modes of assist.
  11. JayVee

    Has anyone got 'running assist' to work?

    It sounds like the Haibike has a limited throttle (for starting up). From the Haibike manual: "When you are on or off the bicylcle and start moving it, you can use running assist without pedaling it. When you press the running assist switch once the running assist indicator will come on for 5...
  12. Roxlimn

    Dirt-E 2

    I'm going to make a confession right off. I'm not a habitual or regular trail rider. The main reason I got the Dirt-e was because it was the most available ebike in my locality and it had the best aftersales support. I got the 2016 spec with the 400 Wh battery. It's the International version...
  13. ACG

    Choosing between motor systems: bosch, currie, yamaha

    Please help me decide which system makes the most sense. Bosch seems the best from his reviews but it's also the most expensive. I'll be commuting 30miles round trip with the option to recharge half way. I've got lots of hills to climb. What do you think?
  14. Bill R

    Any one know if New Yamaha PW-X motor will come to USA Market in 2017?

    Yamaha PW-X smaller, lighter and more powerful motor I read will be in EU will it be coming To USA ? https://www.e-bikeshop.co.uk/blog/post/yamaha-pwx-ebike-system-2017/
  15. e_adventure

    ebike for a hilly commute

    Greetings, I am in the market for a new ebike. After much online research, looking through these forums, and trying out some bikes at my local shop, I think I could use some experienced opinions from the ebike community. I have a long bicycle commute to work, and there are lots of hills at...
  16. Christophe

    Haibike Sduro Fullnine RC 2015 model Lights outlet specifications or USB adapter

    Hi, Does anyone know what is the oultlet type and voltage on the lights wire on the -- 2015!! -- Haibike Yamaha PWseries mid mounted engine? Is it possible to find a DC/DC USB converter - or ANY other DIY solution - to be able to charge a 5v device (GPS-iPhone) while riding?? Thanks!