1. Barry S

    Any Yukon Commuters?

    Currently living on O'ahu and have been commuting 8 miles each way into Honolulu on my Trek FX 7.2 fitness bike for the past 2 years due to economic necessity (one-car family) and to preserve my sanity (Honolulu ranks 8th for most traffic-congested city). The terrible roads here have taken a...
  2. ace20ri

    Customized Voltbikes

    Hey everyone! Felt like blogging so I decided to start a thread to see if anyone else has customized their Voltbikes. I have late 2016 model Yukon Limited and made some (what I consider) upgrades. Check them out below and feel free to post your own!
  3. MysticalFists

    Help Me Choose A Fat Tire Ebike - RadRover / Yukon / M2S / Hype / ETC

    Howdy, First time poster, although I've been watching Court's videos and reading all your reviews for like 2 months now, and I'm getting closer to biting the bullet. Hell, I'd already have bought my RadRover if they were still in stock, but I'm still having to wait a week. Since I'm waiting...
  4. dapope_22

    Rad Rover Vs VoltBike Yukon 750?

    Rad Rover Vs VoltBike Yukon 750? I've narrowed it down to these 2 bikes and possibly the Juiced Hyper Fat if I see it become available in the 750 Watt version again. Does anyone have any opinions? They seem very similar.
  5. I

    Pedego Trail Tracker vs Voltbike Yukon 500W Limited

    Trying to decide between the Trail Tracker and the Yukon 500. They both appear to have the same concept - 500 W motor, 4" wide tires, rigid frame. The Trail Tracker looks more attractive and solidly built. It's battery is incorporated into the downtube, so it is more sleek looking. Big...