1,100 mile review and update on my Watt Wagon


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After 1,100 miles of riding in a little over 3 months, I’ve had to do exactly zero maintenance! The belt and tires still look like new. It took me three years to put 1000 miles on my first electric bike, the Pedego, it took 1 year to put 1000 miles on my second electric, the fat tire. It took three months to do it on this Watt Wagon! It’s opened up a whole new world of where I can ride.

I've worked with Pushkar from the company. He has been amazing. I wanted to do a gearing modification since gears 1-7 are so low that the bike will pop a wheelie if you downshift too far from a dead stop. He set me up with a 60 tooth front drive pulley and new belt. (I understand that this is how he is now shipping the bikes.) This was like adding two or three gears on top. I LOVE IT. I can comfortable pedal at 35 mph. I think the lower gears would only be useful if I were riding without power assist. Pushcar also sent me new cranks which I also just tried ou.
I’ve done about 50 miles with the new cranks, belt and cog.

I don’t notice a huge difference with the cranks but it is better. I feel like my hips are less sprung out and I have a little bit better power/more comfortable. I still seem easy to scrape pedals going around a turn but that may just because I’m used to the fat tire bike.

In regards to the belt and higher tooth cog, this is a huge improvement. Instead of being in the highest gear all the time, I am down two or three gears. I only use the top gear going down the big long hills at 35 to 40 miles an hour. It makes the range more usable.
I just ordered a spare battery since there are days I'll ride more than 45 miles with my kid trailer in tow. Since we are into the cold months here in Colorado, and with the trailer, our 18 degree hills and TONS of wind, I'm giving the battery a workout. I like the piece of mind having a spare battery in case I want to do a really long ride in the cold. I never thought I'd ride as much as I am. I almost never drive anymore...
Jon .

See previous post on NOV 24 from me for more info and link to video.


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