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I just passed 100 miles in less than 2 weeks with about 10 days of riding.

For living in San Francisco, the ST1 has been an amazing way to get around. It hasn't cut down on my commute much, because I keep finding reasons to go five miles out of my way (I tried breakfast at a coffee shop I had heard about; it was located at the top of a hill nowhere near my route to the office.) But since getting the bike, I have taken the light rail twice and a taxi once. It really is a spectacular vehicle. And that's how I think of it. Whenever I used to bike somewhere, the point of the trip became to bike. I'm a slow cyclist and generally I need to choose my clothing and my route and my timing for the sake of cycling. I use the Stromer as a true way of getting places. It's great fun to ride, but at times I just put it into power mode and get to where I'm going.

It's hard to explain to people. I still sweat and I'm still moving. It's just better in every way.

There has been one problem... my motor died and it gave me a "hall power" error code on the display. My bike shop replaced the motor under warranty, but this will be something I watch carefully.
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motor died and it gave me a "hall power" error code on the display.

The Hall-sensor is used to know the position of the rotor in the motor. You don't have influence on its lifetime. So, forget your annoying experience and enjoy riding.