1000 Mile Owner’s Review: 4 Major Problems | Gazelle Ultimate C380 + Electric Bike (Pros and Cons)


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Honest owners review of $5K electric bike from Gazelle Ultimate c380+ where I have put 1000 miles in just about one month. I have had 4 major problems with my 2021 Gazelle Ultimate c380+ duing the ownership.

In this electric bike review, I will talk about the pros and the cons of owning an ebike from Gazelle vs Trek Domane HP. I have also owned, 2021 Trek Domane HP + and have put 1000 miles on the electrical bike from trek and I will do a comparison from Trek VS Gazelle bikes

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Good review and feedback (however video has lots of ads embedded as subtitles). For those who want to know what are mentioned 4 (or 5?) problems, but don't want to watch the video, they are:
  • belt skips sometimes (don't get anything like this neither on C8 nor on C380+, after ~700 miles on them)
  • battery cover start making squeaky noise after 750 miles (my C8 was doing same, especially on hot weather, but didn't notice this on c380+ (yet?))
  • issue with front fork preload (fixed by bike shop)
  • rear wheel flat after 750 miles
  • peeling paint on the rear rack (probably depends on usage pattern)
In overall I agree this is performance-oriented, very reliable and well-build bike.
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