12v brake light wiring


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Hey folks how's it going I must be the dumbest person in creation I have a 12v tail, brake and turn signal motorcycle light. I have the driving lights on and turn signal hooked up but can't get brake connected. I want the brake light on when lever is pulled and motor stops someone help me please. I have a hard time with it. I'm using one of those opto relays and can't wire it to make brake light come on. Can anyone help? Just got myself all frustrated any help's appreciated


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So yes the power to the plus and minus.... now, to make each relay work, send the positive to the 1 and 2 next to the + and -.....
wire the light negative normal, send the plus (red) to the comm on relay one. then wire from N.O. (normally open) to the light. So the brake switch will run positive to to the (1) next to the + and - .... when the circuit closes at switch it will send positive to the 1 and energize the 1 relay.....