12v DC charger


Hey there,

Anyone know of someone sell something like this dc to dc charger in the US? I can't seem to find anything.

Inverting to AC first and using an AC charger isn't a solution I like due to inefficiency and other concerns with inverters. Would like to be able to charge on my boat or in my van.



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The main thing wrong with this "12 v to 48 v" charger is the $243 shipping fee. One doesn't need FedEx express, chargers can be shipped by mail, but like most ali vendors, they don't give you a choice of shipment methods. All chargers come from china so I don't know why you are expecting a US company to manufacture one.
Another thing wrong with the generic chargers is the variance in shutoff voltage. If you buy a charger from the vendor of the battery, it comes with the right voltage shutoff. The various chargers I find on e-bay etc don't list the cutoff voltage, as if you really didn't care. Spending $X00 on my battery I care very much what voltage it is charged to. Which voltage should be different for first charge (100% rating) and daily charge (90% rating).


indianajo, I wasn't expecting someone to make one in the US, just asking if anyone knew of someone selling one in the US. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Yes, it would probably be wise to find out all one could about the battery and the charger before purchasing the charger if they were from different manufacturers and then pay attention as it charges, especially the first time it is used.

slowguy, yeah, I would agree that it would most likely be slow, but slow would probably put less strain on the boat's house batteries and less strain on the wiring in my van. So that would be OK. I will look into PIM bikes and see if they sell the chargers separately. Thanks!


Well I got to try it out and guess what, pretty much the same as the 120 volt charger. It puts out 1 amp at 12 v from 120 volts. Guess what the cigarette lighter puts out! Tried it driving between two sites on the Greenbriar Trail yesterday. One hr. transit time and 5 miles range extension which is about one bar under my conditions of assist.