13 Months and 17,000 kms with Ohm STEPS and it keeps on going, and going, ..........

Ken S

The new Ohm mid motor bike is a real treat, an incredibly solid and comfortable ride!

I'm still getting more than 120 kms on a charge on my hilly commute with power to spare. I still haven't used the third level BOOST other than once in a while by accident, with the ECO and TRAIL settings providing more than enough power when working with the electronic shifting.
The drive train reliability is superb, better than any of the hub motors I've had in the past, not a hit of any change in performance or mechanical wear in the motor and the Di2 shifting other than of course normal wear and tear on the drive train. As for the general wear and tear on components, it's less than or equal to the hub motor equipped bikes.

Hoping for a mild winter but ready for anything other than the ice and snow, when and if that happens it's time to start up the vehicle.