14 Ebikes Tested (new article - only 2 weeks old)


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Likely, you will want to select 'English' at the top of the page:
We are seeing the Magura brand more and more, including their Boltron ebike-specific fork. The takeaway is that just b/c mfgr states that it's specifically designed for e-bikes doesn't mean it succeeds:
"Despite being specifically created for E-MTBs, the MAGURA Boltron fork doesn’t live up to the hype. Its stiffness and damping are no match for the FOX 36 or RockShox Lyrik..."

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)


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Really bad they didnt test the new yamaha engine from Sduro above 7.0, since it should take away the problem with cadence and higher torque.